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Feb 28, 2018

It's part 2 of the MRW Metallica series and tonight the gang tackles Master of Puppets Get your sweet tooth ready because the gang has a love fest with Metallica's 3rd studio album and the memory of the formidable Cliff Burton. 

Jake discusses four roses, Sailor has the plague and is under the influence of whiskey and...

Feb 21, 2018

It's the show we've all been waiting for. The subject that started it all... METALLICA! 
Today we start our first show of the MRW Metallica series. The gang discusses Metallica's origins and put "Kill 'em All" up against "Ride The Lightning". The whiskey of the week is Bulleit, and typically our weekly whiskey...

Feb 14, 2018

In this week's episode, the gang sits down with Sasha and Chris of When Particles Collide to discuss their music career and help decide who reigns supreme in the battle of Van Halen vs Van Hagar.
We also try to decipher what in the absolute hell Maynard is talking about in relation to a forthcoming album from Tool.

Feb 7, 2018

We pick up where we left off last week, discussing one of the big 4 of Thrash.

Did Matt & Sailor create a convincing enough argument to slay Jake & Ed? Will Nickelback ever just go the hell away? Is it possible for Dave Mustaine to ever shut his yap? 
Was the Slayer Mixtape magic to Jake & Ed? Did it make them fall...