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May 16, 2018

It’s the Mothaaaaa of all episodes, this week we bring you Danzig!  

As a tribute to all of the Mom’s out there we discuss the man, the legend and decide if he’s just a myth. 

Jake auditions for Chippendale’s. 

Sailor hosts the whiskey segment with a Northern English whiskey? What the hell?

With a winding crooked timeline, we try to dig into this discussion and of course also talk about The Misfits. It wouldn’t be a proper Danzig show without the gang discussing their favorite Danzig memes! Oh, and Sailor gets really drunk!

Available on iTunes, YouTube, and other pod feeds. 

Theme song provided by “When Particles Collide” 


Song clips copyrighted by Danzig & The Misfits and used under fair use with no infringement intended.