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May 2, 2018

Join us as we discuss one of the biggest makeovers in rock & metal history, Pantera! We discuss the history of the band and have a showdown of two of their greatest albums, “Cowboys From Hell” & “A Vulgar Display of Power”? Which album will reign supreme? Find out on this episode of the Metal Rock & Whiskey podcast!

Sailor finally reveals where she was during the Lamb of God “Jakeover”! 

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We are proud to announce the show has a new sponsor! Stay tuned after the show for a message about Prussian Slammer delivered by their celebrity spokesman and inventor!

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Theme song “The Whiskey Always Wins” performed by When Particles Collide.

Song clips copyrighted by Pantera and used under fair use with no infringement intended.

“Cowboys From Hell”

“Psycho Holiday”

“Shedding Skin”


“The Art of Shredding”

“This Love”

“Drag the Waters”