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Jan 31, 2018

We discuss the long and brutal career of one of the original 'Big 4' Thrash Metal Bands, Slayer. In this two-part series, we get into the formation of Slayer's sound, the early days of Thrash and some of the controversies that affected the band.

Sailor & Matt create a mixtape for the guys to listen to and help them become Thrash Metal fans. Do Jake & Ed fall in love? Do they bow to the power that is Slayer? Tune in and find out, then listen to the Mixtape on Spotify by following Sailor Retro.

Also, Matt pairs up a fantastic whiskey with this week's theme and Sailor delivers some scary and some hilarious news from the rock & metal world.

Our theme song "The Whiskey Always Wins" provided by When Particles Collide.