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Feb 14, 2018

In this week's episode, the gang sits down with Sasha and Chris of When Particles Collide to discuss their music career and help decide who reigns supreme in the battle of Van Halen vs Van Hagar.
We also try to decipher what in the absolute hell Maynard is talking about in relation to a forthcoming album from Tool.
Will Sailor smoke everyone in trivia? Will she finally shed a tear? Or is her back just up against a wrecking machine? Also, find out what whiskey Ed chooses to pair with the subject at hand.
We've got it all folks, rock stars, trivia, news and some delicious whiskey.
So don't wait, listen now, tempers flare and emotions run high as superstar Diamond Dave is put to the test in this rock battle.

Theme song "The Whiskey Always Wins" performed by When Particles Collide
Outro song "Ego" performed by When Particles Collide